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Dilan Jay drops new single ‘Better Days’.

Fusion singer-songwriter, guitarist, pianist, former rapper, and lead actor Dilan Jay has just released a new single called ‘Better Days’. With a sound like Ed Sheeran and John Mayer mixed together ‘Better Days’ caught my attention. Dilan’s vocal sound is awesome! The vocals in the first verse made this song catchy right from the start. With previous experience in the music industry being a rapper under the moniker ‘DeLon’. Writing this song after the horrible bombing on Easter Sunday in his home country Sri Lanka Dilan has incorporated the grief emotion in the song. ‘Better Days’ was written at a time when there was a need for Sri Lankan’s to come together and support each other. Evens o Dilan was mocked for wanting to reinvent his sound. I for one are glad he did as we would never have been able to listen to and enjoy ‘Better Days’. Dilan has amazing vocals and the meaning of the lyrics mean so much right now! This song could have been written about the situation we find ourselves in. 

Take a listen to ‘Better Days’ here.




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