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Ezra Jordan releases new single ‘in Case feat. Willa’.

Hit prediction!

EZRA JORDAN is not a new artist. He has been around the block a few times. With millions of streams and thousands of fans, his expertise is to engage his fans in intimate concerts. For now, we need to stream his music and look forward to seeing him live after this pandemic is over. Ezra is inspired by pop, R&B and Funk to create a unique sound all of his own. A son of two of Canada’s most notable singer-songwriters, AMY SKY and MARC JORDAN, Ezra grew up with music in his blood. 

Tragically Ezra suffered a life-threatening accident on a water ski. Here is the information about it. I wanted to write it in my own words but I was shocked by the extent of his injuries. “Ezra fell hard into the water, tearing his ACL, MCL, PCL, LCL, and Peroneal nerve. To make matters worse, he ruptured his femoral artery, which meant he was bleeding to death from the inside. Fortunately for Ezra, he was able to get the proper help in order to survive, but it didn’t come easy. It was 18 months of rehabilitation and recovery to get back to reality. It’s during this time that Ezra truly came into his own, both in terms of physical resilience, but also in terms of musical grit. Forced to pause his career, Ezra sought alternative ways to express himself and stumbled upon some serious singing/songwriting talent.”

Ezra’s recovery shows his strength and luck that he had access to the proper health care. I can relate in a small way as I had an injury that required hospitalisation and rehab but only a tiny percentage of what Ezra went through. I used my time to grow my creative side and it seems that Ezra did too. Now he is fully recovered and set to soar. 

Ezra’s latest single called ‘in Case feat. Willa’ is based on his experience on a breakup. He wished his ex well and hope that she remembers the good times. The song explores the feeling of having moved on but wanting to acknowledge how special the relationship is. ‘in Case has Willa performing vocals making the song a duet and adds to appeal of the song. 

Take a listen here to in Case feat. Willa’. I have no doubt that you will love it. The song deserves to hit the charts hard! 




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