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Harper Bloom releases exceptional new video for her single ‘Mary’. (top 5 feature too!)

Harper Bloom has just released an incredible song called ‘Mary’. The song is accompanied by a super Australian music video directed by David Hansen. I love the way that the story is told, and can feel happy for Mary who has found some freedom and love! Harper has an amazing vocal sound and is a great example of young Australian songwriting talent ready to take on the world.’ Music Injection Aus

Upcoming folkster Harper Bloom (otherwise known as Hayley De Pledge) has released her debut single Mary, a gorgeous, empowering romp about taking control back over your life.  Harper Bloom has also announced a moving clip to accompany the release, directed by David Hansen (notable for his short film Anija). 

For fans of Alex The Astronaut, Courtney Barnett and Paul Kelly, Harper Bloom’s Mary is a wonderful example of brilliant Australian songwriting from beginning to end.  Deeply personal, affecting and sweet, Mary shines with acoustic guitars, driving percussion and Harper Bloom’s wonderfully unique, gentle vocals.  Working alongside Benjamin McCarthy (G Flip, Thelma Plum, Megan Washington) to bring Mary to life, Harper Bloom is sure to impress with this brilliant single.  Speaking on the inspiration behind the track, Harper Bloom enthuses, “The single is essentially about not being afraid to be vulnerable and take risks, no matter who you are or how old you are.  It’s about having the strength to leave a comfortable, mundane existence behind in search of enriching experiences and a new lease of life.  The idea really came from observing people on trains and buses…some of the verses came from overheard conversations or things I saw on public transport, and watching  the body language and expressions of people doing a job they didn’t really want to be doing.”

The clip for Mary is so well done, so touching, that it will absolutely stay with the viewer for hours after viewing.  It follows the story of an elderly wife, who finally liberates herself from the hum-drum nature of daily life, bucking all expectations for what elderly people should and shouldn’t do and having a ball all throughout.  It’s a beautiful, cinematic clip – every freeze frame looks like a spectacular photograph.  Reflecting on the narrative of the video for Mary, Harper Bloom says, “The story begins in Mary’s run-down suburban home – which was my sharehouse at the time – with her husband drunk and unresponsive on the couch.  After moments of taking in her life over the past 60 years, she gains clarity and decides to finally leave.  The story then follows Mary on her journey of rediscovery.”

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Harper Bloom tells Jen the music that she thinks the world needs to hear now!  


  1. Greta Stanley

Greta’s voice is a wonderful delight. I love how it slowly builds, it’s so gentle and soothing. Each one of her songs seem to take me on a magical little journey and pull me into another world. Can’t ask for much more from an artist. This is an oldie but a goodie (my favourite) 

  1.  Tess Guthrie

I found Tess last year after being recommended to listen to her by someone at a gig. I thank that person! I forgot their name :(. Tess has a politically driven alternative-rock sound which is perfectly executed by her hauntingly deep vocals. You can see Tess explain the important  themes in her latest single “Fairy Lights” in this live video of her performance at The Gasometer Hotel

  1. Mallrat

Like everyone else I am absolutely obsessed with Mallrat. Charlie has this timeless, nostalgic feel and my girlfriend is sick of me singing it around the house constantly. 

  1. Shannen James

I was able to catch Shannen live in Melbourne last year and she was incredible. You can hear a subtle Fleetwood Mac influence shining through in her songs. Dreamy harmonies that warm your soul. This is her latest track and music video “Collide” 

  1. Hollie Col

I love Hollies songwriting, each song tells its own unique short story and they always lead into a super catchy chorus that you won’t be able to get out of your head. This is her latest track and music video “She Knows”.


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“Loving this debut release from Harper Bloom.  Good luck resisting this song’s stirring pull and Harper Bloom’s storytelling nous” Dave Ruby Howe, triple j unearthed


“Fans of Alex The Astronaut should keep an ear out for your charming, stream of consciousness, observant songwriting and the fun-as-hell musical bits and bobs that accompany it” Abby Butler, triple j unearthed

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