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Cheska Moore drops new single ‘Bloodline’.

Alt-pop artist singer-songwriter Cheska Moore has a beautiful vocal sound. This sound is completely unique that I would recognise it anywhere. Her release called ‘Bloodline’ is a super catchy song that stays with you long after you have listened. Not in an annoying way! Inspired by her own experiences of life, by listening to the darker side of music due to feeling like a misfit, her sound is unique, a dark alt-pop unique sound. 

‘Bloodline’ is played on a ukulele and paired with synth bass this song is an “F*&k You” breakup anthem. The lyrics are relatable to anyone who has been in a relationship that too much energy had been put in to. With lyrics “I gave too much, time after time’ and ‘you made me happy, but you made me cry”, certainly are easy to connect to. Take a listen to ‘Bloodline’ here. 


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