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Bobby John releases new single ‘If I Were You’.

Bobby John is a hell of a talented artist! He is a classically trained versatile vocalist and award-winning songwriter. Writing songs for artists such as Serena Ryder (Together We Are One) and Olivier Dion (Sortir de l’Ombre) that reached #1 on the charts and even international success with cuts such as “Watch Out” on the #1 album in Japan “Magic” by EXO-CBX, Bobby John, is a seasoned artist. 

Not only a talented songwriter Bobby John must love to be super busy! He has had recent songwriting trips to Japan, Nashville and Paris, writing songs for other artists, yet he is also releasing his own music. ‘If I Were You’ is one of his own. I was first drawn to Bobby’s unique and expressive vocal sound. After that the soft guitar was noticed then I realised that the lyrics I was following were in fact relatable. This song was written in an afternoon (wow!)with 2 strangers (Sally Folk and Anique Granger) as part of a songwriting camp. ‘If I Were You’ is about a train wreck of a person who is warning and begging his partner to leave him so he does not bring them with him. However, love is a factor of course. The lyrics, “Piece of gum on your shoe, so kick them off into the street and run around in bare feet, if I were you I would leave me’ is a good indication of how Bobby can write lyrics that are meaningful and brings out emotion. Actually, after listening to ‘If I Were You’, I was actually feeling sorry for the train wreck guy and me being a fix-it kinda person, I feel that if I was in this situation, I would want to stay around and fix him. Not that I probably would but the feeling is there. 

I am a big believer in finding what you love and do it well and in Bobby’s press release it states how much he loves writing and singing songs. Keep it up Bobby as I love listening and relating to your music!



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