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Claire Frazier releases new single ‘I Want You Bad’.

Claire Frazier is only 17 but she has the mature sound of a more seasoned artist. The Alt-pop artist has just released the lead single from her debut EP called ‘I Want You Bad’. Claire Frazier has a vocal sound that is so unique that if I heard it again, in any other song I would know instantly that it was her. I can not believe the variation of vocals all in one song. Absolutely beautiful vocal sound. Mesmerizing!  Born and raised in Mobile, Alabama, that is not known for musicians but Claire Frazier is determined to change that!  

Writing songs is a way that Claire Frazier can cope with the ups and downs of life. Coming towards the end of high school she is fully aware of her love of writing in her own style. ‘I Want You Bad’ is full of emotion and most people will be able to connect to the song as we have all had someone or something that we can’t have. In this song, Claire Frazier is signing about ending a relationship that she knew must end but she knew it still hurts. A tough decision for anyone. Below Claire Frazier, says that she is writing songs about emotions in high school. Interestingly enough they are still the same feelings we have as adults.  

 Claire Frazier states “All of these songs encompass memories, experiences, and things I’ve learned primarily in high school. I feel like they really these songs reveal what goes on in the mind of those in high school. From day dreaming, to feeling like they are too overwhelmed to go forward, to having societal pressures, to wanting to have fun but also wanting to meet the expectation of others… these songs deal with my life (and things i have seen others go through) throughout high school.” 

Claire Frazier posted some Instagram videos of herself singing with the encouragement of family and friends and covered songs as well as playing originals. Dave Cappa heard her sing and now is releasing music. Thanks Dave Cappa! 

‘I Want You Bad’ is a must listen! You can do that here. 



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