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Kit releases debut single ‘Good Guy’.

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Kit’s debut single ‘Good Guy’ showcases her incredible vocals! Blown Away! ”  Music Injection Aus

An integral part of the beloved Australian group All Our Exes Live In Texas, Kit (otherwise known as Katie Wighton) has today announced her debut solo release, Good Guy.  A gritty, guitar-led powerhouse of a single, Good Guy calls out every dude who’s ever gotten away with bad behaviour.  Kit has also released a stellar clip to accompany Good Guy, created in collaboration with Gina Somfleth of Pop Candi Films (Merpire, Peach Noise, Press Club). 

Following the outbreak of COVID-19, Kit has had to be creative with her single launch shows. After performing at ISOLAID on March 22 she was inspired to do her single launch show live on Instagram. With support from Bonnie Songs , Nancie Schipper & Hannah Blackburn, Kit will perform live from her livingroom on Friday April 17 at 7pm AEDT. She will have a Bandcamp set up with the idea that people can buy the single and donate what they may have paid to come to the show, and a percentage of the proceeds from the night will also go to Support Act to help those who are seriously suffering in our musical community.

“I find it very interesting that at the moment the things we seem to be talking about are our healthcare workers and hospitals, schools and universities and The Arts. In a crisis, these things become the most important and I hope that when we get through this awful time we will remember that.” Kit remarks.  “Being creative can sometimes be a burden but right now, it’s our biggest asset. I’ve been doing the crossword on Instagram live and also have started an insta-choir – which is so much fun. I was sitting in my room playing a Hank Williams song and really missing the harmonies, so I chucked it up on my socials and asked people to send in their harmonies. The second week has really taken on a life of its own – we did Two Strong Hearts and had drums and bass and even a wine bottle solo! It’s so beautiful to connect with people safely and bring a little smile to people across the interwebs!



  1. Kyoto – Phoebe Bridgers

This song is so uplifting musically and yet the lyrics are really poignant – my favourite combo TBH! I love the way PB manages to capture a feeling so perfectly. 

  1. San Luis – Gregory Alan Isakov

This song I listen to in the bath with my book and a bunch of candles lit. It helps me relax and it takes me to another world which I love. Plus there’s a place called The Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo and it is just the most incredible place I’ve ever been!

  1. Good As Hell – Lizzo

This is a CLASSIC. I work out to this and it makes me feel so strong and powerful. 

  1. Edge of Town – Middle Kids

I cannot get enough of Middle Kids and this song is no exception. I recently did a cover of which you can watch here if you like

  1. The Middle – Jimmy Eat World

The lyrics get me through every time “It just takes some time, little girl you’re in the middle of the ride, everything will be alright.” So appropriate for RN and always really!

  1. High – Slow Pulp

The build in this song is incredible. It makes me feel like I’m being stretched. Or made huge – like in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Love it so much. 

  1. Brand New Beast – Rosie Tucker

This one isn’t for the kids haha. Rosie write SUCH intense lyrics – so brutal and evocative. 

  1. Senorita – JT

Mate. Does this even NEED a description?! Questionable in terms of its feminist values but such a banger. 

  1. Take Out the Trash – Nancie Schipper

Nancie recently supported me at my online single launch and I just think she’s great. Great singer, awesome songwriter and this song is bloody brilliant. Such a bopper! 

  1. Two Strong Hearts – John Farnham

Oldie but a goodie! I made a video with a whole bunch of musicians covering this song and it FILLED my heart. You can watch here if you wanna 🙂

  More info

Co-written with Ali Barter (also featured on backing vocals) and created with producers Dave Symes (Boy and Bear, Sarah Blasko, Missy Higgins) and James Seymour (Merpire, Eaglemont), Good Guy is a sharp, hard-hitting track with a vital message.  One for fans of rockers Alex Lahey, Angel Olsen and Ruby Fields, Good Guy leads with its heart on its sleeve; with amps cranked and driving percussion alongside clever and playful melodies, this track is impossible to ignore.  Speaking on the inspiration behind the track, Kit explains, I wrote this song with Ali Barter last year after having one too many conversations with amazing women about men in the entertainment industry getting away with bad behaviour.  There is a long and specific story behind it, basically I was tired of hearing sad songs by incredible women about other remarkable women who were wronged – I just wanted to get mad about it. The chorus is kind of a G-rated ‘fuck the patriarchy’.  One of the lyrics is ‘it’s bigger than us both’.  The conversations stopped just being about my own sadness, anger, disappointment and horror and turned into ‘What the actual shit is going on around us?  How can we fix this?’


The clip for Good Guy reinforces the message behind the track wholeheartedly.  Reflecting on the video, Kit says, “It’s kind of alluding to the experience of someone seeming like a lovely person at first and lulling you into a semi-false sense of security.  Then bam, they do something shit and you’re all confused.  And I feel like it’s so common now.  Sometimes it’s not even something that bad.  Ghosting and not replying to texts, not going straight for a condom, not being honest and open about where they’re at.  Anyway, it’s that.  In a film clip.  You’ll just have to watch it to get the full scoop!  And it’s shot in Melbourne at some of my favourite spots!  The patriarchy is giving me a lot of creative fodder, ha!”


Good Guy is a far cry from the exquisite folk stylings of All Our Exes Live In Texas that fans might know Kit best for, but it’s all a melting pot of influences as she explains, “I’ve been listening to different music – more rocky, raw stuff.  We played folk songs for a long time and I got to a point where I wanted to yell a bit.  Get my punk on!  And have my own voice too.  The band has definitely been a part of KIT, even if it isn’t conscious.  Those women are a really important part of my music and emotional history and it would be naïve to think it hasn’t influenced KIT.”

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