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Jordie Race-Coldrey drops amazing new single called ‘im so lonely’.

Jordie Race-Coldrey has released a catchy gem of a single called ‘im so lonely’! Fantastic bass line! Music Injection Aus 2020
Jen had the chance to chat to Jordie about his new single and more. See below. 
Jordie Race-Coldrey’s new single ‘im so lonely’ is exactly what is expected from this talented artist. He returns after a time of working on his natural musical skills which have paid of due to the quality of ‘im so lonely’. This pop song has the most amazing bass line that I adore. Jordie’s vocal sound is showcased perfectly as it is the main aspect that I focussed on. 
 ‘im so lonely’ follows Jordie’s debut EP that had over 200,000 worldwide streams. Jordie has been working hard on his sound and has been writing music for many years. He starred in an Australian television programme, ‘Nowhere Boys’ and Jordie recorded music for the show, and True Defender (Music From ‘Nowhere Boys’)
Meaning wise, the message is clear, if we are feeling lonely we are more susceptible to making poor decisions and this might include getting involved with someone that is not good for us.
Jordie is a super talented artist who has a bright future ahead of him. I look forward to sharing the future with him, reviewing, interviewing and promoting his music. 

Hi Jordie,

It is no secret that I am a fan of your music. I have been a little impatient to hear more however I know you took time to work on working on your skills and finding the artist that you know you can be. I admire you for doing this, rather than releasing many singles that don’t capture you as an artist.

How did you find this time? Were there sometimes when you were frustrated with yourself? Did it go smoothly? Is there a story that you can share from this time to make us laugh?  (sorry many questions all at once!)

Nothing is greater than locking myself away and working on my music. Taking the time to really push myself, and develop my sound into something that represents me as an artist, is extremely important. Work for my new single im so lonely, started as I was trying to get to sleep and had the hook in my head. I got up and started to write it down and figure out the melodies, all whilst trying not to wake up the house at 3am. I woke up the next day and began working on the structure and the production of the track, and a few months later, here we are. It’s been great having this time also to set up my studio space. Put up new colourful lights and some bought plants (only fake plants though – I can’t seem keep real plants alive!) just trying to make the studio a creative space I can spend hours a day in.

Many people who see your face will think…. ah I recognise him! Having starred in the BAFTA and EMMY award winning Australian series ‘Nowhere Boys’ your face will be familiar to many people.

What I did not know, and many others will not either is that you recorded music for the show. How can we listen to that music? I want to rewatch the show to listen, especially now it is finally on Netflix or is it Stan?

I recorded 3 songs for ‘Nowhere Boys’, one of which (‘True Defender’) is on all streaming platforms. The show is currently on Stan in Australia.

Do you feel that that experience of acting and recording the music for the show has influenced that way you write and record music now? Has it given you a sense of confidence?

Recording the music for ‘Nowhere Boys’ gave me great experience in the studio, as well as the confidence to release my own music to the world. I have been performing in one way or another since I was very young. That has given me exposure to lots of different sounds which I have been able to absorb and consider. I think this experience has helped me to be very clear about what my artistic style is.

Jordie Race-Coldrey 2

Now you have released a new single called ‘im so lonely’. The first thing that I loved about the song was the bassline, I do like a good bassline! Secondly, I noticed how well your vocal sound was showcased in the song.

Is this song written from personal experience? It feels so real I am feeling it must be. Can you take us through the influence for the song?

The track is about that somewhat universal feeling of being so lonely, that you might get with that person you know you really shouldn’t. I learnt through the production and the release of my EP ‘For Later’, that audiences grab onto the most vulnerable, and relatable songs, and that exactly what I want to bring to my audience. While some of the situations I write about in the song are fictional, the feelings at the core of the song are authentic.

‘im so lonely’ has a good message and can remind people not to make that mistake of getting involved with the wrong person. Easier said than done though as loneliness is not a nice emotion.

The lyrics of the song are pretty much straight talking, there is no room for misunderstanding their meaning. I really like this as some songs can be so vague I wonder what they are on about. Do you feel that this is one of the examples of improvement that taking the time to work on your writing skills has done?

Giving myself the time to improve on my song writing has been not only rewarding, but super enjoyable. I have been reading some of the most amazing poetry books, and really studying songwriters I admire, such as Lorde and Conan Gray to fill up my bag of tools to utilise on my own songs.   

What can we expect from you in regards to 2020 and the limitations that the COVID 19 virus puts on us?

2020 has really impacted us all with COVID 19. I am disappointed that I can’t be performing live but it has given me time to work on other aspects of my craft. It has also challenged me to find new ways of connecting with my audience. My plan is to keep writing songs that people can dance around their rooms to like no one’s watching, and forget the world for 3 minutes. 

In 7 words can you sum up yourself as an artist?

Authentic, playful, vulnerable, layered, youthful, relatable, driven.

Great answers! Thanks, Jordie. 



Listen to Jordie Race-Coldrey on Spotify + Apple Music

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