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Ludovico Technique releases an insanely great single called ‘Absence’

Every now and then a song from a genre that I don’t usually listen to comes along. Ludovico Technique’s latest single ‘Absence’ is one of them. This Gothic single has a great beat and an upbeat melody not usually things that I associate this genre with. I really like the contrast between the song’s meaning and upbeat sound. ‘Absence’ is about the struggle that is felt when suffering from depression. I really love the chorus. I would love it in any genre I think but in this Gothic form, the contrast really packs a punch. ‘Absence’ is also accompanied by an engaging music video that adds to the songs’ meaning. 

Ludovico Technique’s new full-length album called HAUNTED PEOPLE is due out this year. Take a listen to ‘Absence’ here.

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