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Mansfield release catchy tune ‘A Place in the Sun’.

Mansfield formed back in 2015 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The band consists of Christian Stage (vocals, guitar), Mathias (lead guitar, vocals), Filip Gulloev (drums, vocals) and Mathias Wedeken (bass). Their sound displays their influences, The Beatles, The Kinks and The Smiths, whom I love and grew up listening to. Mansfield has a great goal, to write high quality songs that are relatable. Their latest single ‘A Place in the Sun’ is a great example of this! 

‘A Place in the Sun’ is the second single from their album called ‘Star-crossed Lovers’ that will be released May 29. 2020. The song is full of indie vibes with a steady drumbeat and catchy guitar hooks. Inspired by the Sex Pistols punk classic song ‘Holidays in the Sun’ which I love. Meaning wise, I really love that it is encouraging us to step out of the rat race and find our own place in the world. Vocalist Christian Stage states I’d much rather live like the fool on the hill and take one day at a time at my own pace”. Funnily enough due to the COVID 19 lockdown I have been able to do this, along with millions of others. I guess that the timing of the release of ‘A Place in the Sun’ is perfect. I would actually prefer the slower placed life I am living now as I for sure have found my place in the sun. 

Take it away, Mansfield! 


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