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KNIFEY drops new single ‘Ask You’.

Canadians band KNIFEY have just released a super catchy tune with an insanely lively drum beat, resonating guitars and expressive vocals called ‘Ask You’. With their sound crossing and fusing many genre’s, it is hard to say what genre they are. Are they surf rock? I think so, with the sound of ‘Ask You’. They are going to release their second full-length album later this year titled ‘Sleepwalker’.

KNIFEY state that when writing ‘Ask You’ they almost tossed it but decided that even though it was a lot of work, and sounded very little like what they first set out writing it. I, for one, are glad that the song was finished as it is a delight to listen to. Meaning wise the song is about being thankful for the people who are in our lives and how they improve us. However, it is also about us wondering if we deserve those people. ‘Ask You’ explores the insecurities that can be felt when in a great relationship. Check out ‘Ask You’ here.


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