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Callum Pitt releases new single ‘Out Of The Trees’.

Callum Pitt in my eyes can do wrong when it comes to his music. I adore the music, his fingerpicking folk riffs are always interesting and always showcase his magnificent vocals. Having already clocked up over three million plays on Spotify’s New Music Fridays playlists. To be honest, when I see Callum’s name on my submission list, I usually bypass others and hit play on his first. In every case, I am blown away by his falsetto vocal sound and actually don’t pick up on the meaning the first playthrough. I only have that with a handful of artists.
Callum’s latest single called ‘Out Of The Trees’ certainly incorporates all I love about him. This song is super catchy and the guitar riffs are really outstanding. Since listening to it last night that riff has remained in my head. Now I have listened many times, the lyrics have joined the music in my mind. A true sign of a song made up of greatness. 
Callum is going to release at least three new singles this year if COVID 19 does not throw a spanner into the works. 
‘Out Of The Trees’ is well worth the listen if you have not picked up on this already I love this song! 

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