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Saad Shehzad released new single ‘Paper Boats’.

I have just come across an extraordinarily talented artist called Saad Shehzad. He is a musician at night and spends his day using his creativity as an award winning filmmaker. Working on his music since 2015 to find his sound and pushing himself to come out of his shell and release music as a solo artist. This hard work has paid off as his unique vocals, interesting music and meaningful lyrics are outstanding. Having many different influences that affect his sound which fuses alternative rock, funk, psychedelic rock and electro pop. No wonder his sound is unique! 

Saad Shehzad uses his amazing raspy vocals to convey his thoughts when he can’t find the words to express himself. His single ‘Paper Boats’ is full of meaning. It explores the wanting to stay where you feel comfy and feel sorrow. The imagery of a paper boat is used, a paper boat in the ocean that struggles to stay in control with the storms at sea. Eventually the paper boat realises that it can’t control the storms and needs to go with the flow. What a great imagery that is for the situation in the world right now. I have learnt this, even though I am super stressed with the changes the pandemic has brought there is so much out of my control that I was worrying about. There is no point! This song could relate to anything in your life. 

‘Paper Boats’ is a brilliant song that you have to listen to. You can do that here. 


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