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Blake English releases a new single called ‘This is the End’.

Boran and raised in Athens Georgia, just like REM and The B52’s, Blake English has music in his veins. He has been involved in performing arts including theatre and dancing since he was young. 

Blake also writes meaningful music. His first EP called ‘Spiders Make Great Poets’ had songs that were inspired by real-life experiences. English says. “I want to tell a story in everything that I do whether it be from my personal experience or an observation of the world around me. I’m more of a journalist, taking in what’s going on and reporting it back to you through the lens of my own experience.”

Initially, it was the great sounding music that caught my attention when listening ‘This is the End’. The music is driven by the drums and a great sounding guitar riff. Then when I hear Blake’s vocals I know that this song is a special one! What a vocal sound, expressive and able to tell the story and meaning of the song. 

Blake English tells us to  “Head bang your heart out” to ‘This is the End’ and I agree! Take a listen here. 

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