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Martin Leary releases a catchy new tune called ‘Walk in the Sun’.

Want to hear a good old rock n roll track that has just put me into a much better mood? You can’t go any further that Martin Leary’s latest release called ‘Walk in the Sun’. This song starts off with a contagious guitar riff and gets catchier from their when his vocals join in. I am sitting here looking out the window onto a beautiful sunny day in Melbourne. Freezing cold so I can’t go for a walk but nether the less, it is quite a fitting scene to listen to Martin’s great vocals about being free to do what I want. ‘Walk in the Sun’ was written over 10 years ago and Martin often played it when he picked up his guitar. This iso time was a great time to brush of the cobwebs and release the tune now. 

Take a listen to ‘Walk in the Sun’ here’. 



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