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The Nicoteenagers releases new single called ‘First Time’s a Charm’.

Alt-rockers The Nicoteenagers​ from Melbourne has just released a unique sounding single called ‘First Time’s a Charm’. This is the second single for them in 2020. Last year they released their debut album that featured two singles called ‘Black Lips’ ​and​ ‘Big Thing’​. An east coast tour followed this as well as supporting John Garcia at The Corner Hotel. 

‘First Time’s a Charm’ stood out to me due to the really relaxed vibe plus the incredible unique vocal sound. In a way, this song is full of electric energy yet fused with a chill out vibe. I don’t know-how but it works! ‘First Time’s a Charm’ explores how having determination and never giving up is the best way to live your life. With what we have been through lately it is a timely song. With their sound being so distinct and polished I feel that The Nicoteenagers have a bright future ahead. Take a listen to ‘First Time’s a Charm’ here. 


The Nicoteenagers · First Time’s A Charm



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