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Lovechild releases a new single called ‘Hats Off’.

‘Hats Off’ by Lovechild has all the elements that can make this song a hit! 

Lovechild is from the streets of New York and they sing about the ups and downs of life in their city. This psych-rock band consists of frontman Leo Lovechild, guitarist Aaron Mones and bassist/producer Wyatt Mones. I adore Lovechild’s unique sound although it has tinges of The Beatles and the Rolling Stones throughout the song which of course adds to the quality of the sound. 

Their latest single called ‘Hats Off’ explores the aftermath of a broken heart due to rejection which is relatable to most people. While Leo was writing this he had his own light bulb moment by exploring the emotions and writing a song, he realised that songwriting is the ultimate form of expression. So true! ‘Hats Off’ is a rock roll anthem that is enhanced by the accompanying music video. Set on the streets of New York, there are real contrasting scenes, black and white and then flashes of colour. ‘Hats Off’ is full of angst which is very clear and the music video certainly enhances the meaning.

To explain my above statement, the elements of ‘Hats Off’ that make it a potential hit are; Leo’s unique expressive vocals, catchy music, a connectable meaning and of course it sounds damn good! Take a listen to ‘Hats Off’ here. You won’t regret it! 

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