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Limón Limón drop another amazing single ‘Barcelona Night’.

Limón Limón just keeps on releasing brilliant songs after brilliant songs. Their latest single called ‘Barcelona Night’ is no exception. Their Future Indie sound really works for them, with Jason on Vocals, Guitar, Bass and Rand on Keys, Synths, Drums. The duo clearly are talented in so many ways and put in loads of effort to keep coming up with great songs. 

‘Barcelona Night’ is a super contagious song with feelgood music. Jason and Rand are able to write lyrics that make you feel that you are actually experiencing what they are writing about. This song makes me feel nostalgic about fun times shared in Barcelona yet I have not actually been there. The scene is set so well and the music also has a Spanish vibe to it to add to the overall theme.


Check out ‘Barcelona Night’ here and check out their Spotify channel here as I am sure you want to hear more.  

Limón Limón · Barcelona Night


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