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ALEX O’AIZA releases another great tune called ‘Hazy!

Indie rocker Alex O’aiza had a brilliant 2019 as he released many favourable singles and also released a real gem called Money back in March this year. Read my review of that single here. Alex has just landed a deal with Saint In The City Records and has radio play with over 75 stations and over 100,000 streams in only 2 months. Alex is from Dallas and his songs are based around socio-political issues and our changing relationships.

I consider Alex to be one of my favourite artists that I have found via Submithub. His songs are engaging and meaningful. Writing from personal experience Alex is able to pen relatable lyrics. ‘Hazy’ is a great example of this, as Alex explains “Hazy is about my reoccurring inability to keep a healthy romantic relationship going on in my life.” Personally, I don’t connect to this theme but I know many will for sure. ‘Hazy’ is tinged with sadness yet has super contagious hooks and beats that make me want to dance. With Alex being a young artist, with already so many great singles under his belt, I am keen to hear what the rest of 2020 brings. Take a listen to ‘Hazy’ below as well as his single ‘Out Of My Mind’ thrown in for good measure. 


Alex O’aiza · Hazy



Another song of Alex’s to listen to called ‘Out of My Mind’.
Alex O’aiza · Out Of My Mind

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