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Retro Color drops new single called ‘Free’.

US Rockers Retro Color is made up of vocalist and instrumentalist Ethan Kregel and drummer Jeremy Kregel. These brothers had a band called The Overload formed back in 2013, then they changed the name to Somewhat Ace until 2019 and now are called Retro Color. 

Last year their self titled debut single was released, and 80’s tinged dance tune. Retro Colour means being able to express yourself freely and don’t worry about what other people think. I really like that message and have worked on not having anyone else in my head, just to be myself and not spend a second thinking if others are critical. 

I love Retro Color’s latest single called ‘Free’. Not only is it a great sounding song, with a catchy tune and quirky sounds, but it also has an inspiration meaning. Listening to ‘Free’ I actually feel that I can do anything I want, in regards to what I want to be. We do have a choice of the kind of person we want to be so we have a great sense of self-worth.  Ethan’s unique vocal sound really makes the song stand out. The brothers certainly do make a great team and have the aspects that I admire in a band, writing meaningful songs and sound brilliant both musically and vocally. Check out ‘Free’ here. 


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