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Them Evils- Wondering “Where Ya Gonna Crash Tonight” With their new single

Jordan from Them Evils is always a treat.  They are just good people and talented artists.  Currently with touring on hiatus, I had an opportunity to ask him how things have been going and what is new for them.  “Hoping to tour soon and continue to write songs.  Hopefully something catches on and we can all buy houses on the beach and fast cars!”

Don’t we all hope for those fast cars and ocean.

Like  a lot of up and coming bands, finding a place to sleep outside of the cramped tour vehicle is a challenge. Their latest single “Where Ya Gonna Crash Tonight?” gives us a little insight into tour life.

“Where Ya Gonna Crash Tonight?” really doesn’t have a single back story.  It’s just always spontaneous when we are on tour.  We wrote the song with Aaron Edwards and Kevin Thrasher in LA.  It was produced by Jim Kaufmann“.  They chose this time to do a binge writing session. Being locked in a writing session isn’t always weird.  “We weren’t skeptical about the success of such a session.  In fact, we always wanted a third person point of view, as it had gone well before working with our former producer – the late, great Kato Khandwala.  I was writing like 90% of the songs. Now we’re trying to break through and meet a bigger fan base  – maybe a little more mainstream, if you will.  So, we thought we’d have some professionals help.  I usually stay in the box of blues rock.  But when it comes to writing guitar riffs and stuff – when we work with other people, I kinda get outside of that familiar box because I have the opportunity to bounce ideas off other people.  It allows me to grow and come up with new ideas from that.  I think it is just a better way of writing.  Having that third person always looking, pulling, and drawing inspiration from you, and pulling it out of yourself.” When they are writing, they don’t really have a time limit.  It is “Until we are done – there is no clock on it, or time limit. Aaron had the title of ‘Where Ya Gonna Crash Tonight?’ and we kinda just built the song around that. “

Much like everyone else, they are uncertain as to when touring will actually get started back up in the traditional sense.

“As of right now touring is postponed until 2021, but we definitely have a tour with The Pretty Reckless planned.  It’s being rescheduled.  We have a few festival dates, but that is about it on the books right now”.   Meanwhile he has just been filling his time with playing a lot of guitar, listening to music, home work-outs and Call of Duty.  As far a potential hobby that could have been a profession, his isn’t too bad.  “I like to bartend.  That’s what I like to do when I’m at home.  I like a simple Jack and Coke.  There’s not much as a hobby I’d really want to turn into a profession, because then I might not like it anymore.”

There is more music on the horizon, but which song is going to have to stay a mystery a bit longer.  “We haven’t picked a new single yet, but we are jumping on it as soon as possible. As far as new merchandise goes, “Head over to – we have a new shirt that proceeds go to help bartenders and service industry people who were laid off during the pandemic.”  I think that’s pretty indicative of how nice these guys are.  They are community oriented and really have a generous spirit.  If you haven’t already checked them out – do so and soon!

Their previous EP “Rollin’ Stoned and Livin’ Free” was no slouch with Key Rock playlists at all major streaming services, and they supported that release with more than 100 live dates in 2018, national headlining dates and stops at Shiprocked, Welcome To Rockville, Carolina Rebellion, and main stage @ Rock On The Range2019 saw the band supporting Pop Evil, Of Mice and Men, The Black Moods and He Is Legendas well as festival appearances at Exit 111 and Rock USA.  They continue to receive positive press internationally.   

Them Evils - Where Ya Gonna Crash Tonight Cover Art (2400x2400)

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