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 Drama Dolls drop single called ‘Favorite Girl’.

You must take a listen to Drama Dolls new single called ‘Favorite Girl’. I adore punk rock songs that are reminiscent of the 80/90’s punk sounds and ‘Favorite Girl’ is a great example of this. I also do like female vocals in these sorts of songs and ‘Favorite Girl’ is an awesome showcase for Drama Dolls lead vocalist. A strong, clear vocal sound that soars over the punk rock music. 

Drama Dolls have previously released ‘We Like to Party’ another song well worth listening to! These three talented musicians that make up Drama Dolls really know how to write meaningful songs that are incredibly catchy. ‘Favorite Girl’ is certainly contagious and after my first listen, it remained in my head for ages. ‘Favorite Girl’ has all the elements I feel make up a song that deserves to be a hit, so let’s listen and share this song! 

Drama Dolls · Favorite Girl

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