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Necronata releases re-imaged debut single Cirque Du Freak (feat. Le Vide)

Necronata is back with a re-imaged version of 2019’s debut single Cirque Du Freak. This song features Le Vide, frontman of metal band Artisian. The song is portrayed beautifully in a comic style music video. The images bounce off each other, and the addition of the colour red as the video progresses makes an impact.  Necronata states that this video depicts “visceral carnage amidst a Burton-esque, monster-populated nightclub.” 

Necronata self-description is “MySpace-Emo meets Horror-Punk with a story.” I totally agree! 

Necronata’s previous single ‘Diabolical’ was really well received earlier this year by Australian’s as it is the sound that has been missing from our local scene. This smash hit, was a song that once I listen to, did not leave my mind for days. In a good way! I love how Necronata’s tell a story that is worth listening to. With killer vocals and music reminiscent of MySpace-era emo sound yet with a fresh pop twist Necronata’s songs are worth playing on repeat. Add in the engaging music videos, Necronata has what it takes to make it big. Get in from the start! Take a listen to Cirque Du Freak (feat. Le Vide) below. I also have added in ‘Diabolical’ just in case you missed it as that is a tragedy! 



Illustration – @Andre Varlet-Green
Editing – Farhan Bilgrami
Production/Mixing – Nat J. Sherwood
Mastering – Rogue Planet Music
Cover Art – Imnotverychill
Writing – Brendan Brendkins

“Diabolical is dramatic and over the top, with the heavier parts of the song sure to keep listeners captivated until the very end, while the catchy chorus will have you coming back repeatedly.” – 30 April 2020, Ciara Allen, Hysteria Mag

“…I stopped and listened to [Diabolical] over and over again and got something new from it each time.” – Jen Rees, Music Injection, 16 May 2020


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