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‘Greenhouse’ is a showcase for Montana Sharp impressive vocal sound and ability to write relatable lyrics. The music video easily expresses the meaning of the song, how we are all now hiding in our ‘Greenhouses’ away from COVID 19. Love this song! 

Mysterious newcomer Montana Sharp has today announced her breathtaking debut single Greenhouse, a theatrical pop ballad about the lengths humans will go to protect themselves, even if it ends up hurting even more in the long run, out July 30.  It’s a fascinating song and a wild debut – one which is accompanied by a showstopping film clip, directed by Majella Productions (Mo’Ju, Ecca Vandal, Birdz).  The clip sees Montana riding around on an endless carousel, cloaked in luscious red and gold, and watched on by spectators.

Greenhouse feels ready-made for a Eurovision campaign – definitely one for fans of Montaigne, Kate Miller-Heidke, Dresden Dolls, even Radiohead fanatics will find something to love here.  Montana Sharp successfully meshes fantastical, theatrical influences with modern, innovative pop sensibilities on Greenhouse; glorious piano marches valiantly alongside epic strings and the orchestral percussion arrangement, while Montana Sharp’s flawless, expressive vocal is the undeniable star of the show.  Speaking on the inspiration behind the song, Montana shares, The metaphorical ‘greenhouse’ was once a fantastical sanctuary to seek refuge from the outside, but now it is safe outside and the protagonist is locked inside a madhouse.  I wrote this song at a very disturbed point in my life, engaging in a conversation with those self-protective mechanisms – but the song takes on a whole new meaning in 2020 with the coronavirus.  We’re all retreating to our ‘greenhouses’ to keep safe from the outside – but now we’re stuck inside!”

A song like Greenhouse demands a bold, larger-than-life visual representation – suffice to say, the Greenhouse film clip is nothing short of spectacular.  A gorgeous palette of circus reds and theatre golds characterise the setting while we observe Montana going around and around on her own personal carousel.  Up and down, up and down, the cyclical motion reminds the viewer of the nature of obsessive thoughts, and how easy it is to become stuck in them.  In short, this film clip is a must-watch.  Reflecting on the meaning of the clip, Montana Sharp says, “The protagonist is chained to the carousel while onlookers gaze in awe, ride and dance on the carousel, and then are ultimately free to leave.  The protagonist wakes up and discovers she is also free to leave, but finds herself unable to – she’s stuck on the carousel.”

After watching this clip and hearing this brilliant song for the first time, you may be wondering, where on Earth did Montana Sharp come from? With a background in classical piano since early childhood and studying pop voice at Monash University, this highly trained, highly skilled musician has managed to marry complex chord structures and motifs found in classical music with modern pop songwriting conventions – and the result is incredibly captivating, catchy music.  Greenhouse is just the beginning – there’s so much more to come from the mysterious Montana Sharp.


Montana Sharp’s top 5 albums from 2020 so far.

  1. Folklore – Taylor Swift

I know – shocking! I have to admit, I’ve never really been a Swiftie. I don’t really gravitate towards love songs so I never really understood the hype. That all changed when I watched her documentary ‘Miss Americana’ on Netflix earlier this year and I was like omg I finally get it, she is a MONSTER of a songwriter. The sway sway of Tay Tay is undeniable, and folklore is another testament to her songwriting abilities. The duet with Bon Iver ‘Exile’ is undoubtedly the highlight for me. 

2. Chromatica – Lady Gaga

Omg! Another predictable answer! The past few years have seen Lady Gaga bless us with every shade of the rainbow, but this album feels like a celebration of the Gaga we all know and love. Plus, quarantine is hella boring, so blasting this album helps me feel like I’m out dancing at the clerb with my friends in a sparkly outfit (instead of the same hoodie I’ve been wearing for the past two weeks. Rain on me more like Stain on me.) 

3. Therapy – Ashton Turner 

Close to my heart this one (and not just because she’s a good friend of mine :P) Therapy is a genius conversation surrounding mental health and the struggle of all twenty-something creatives who struggle separating their self worth from their productivity. My favourite song on there is a song called ‘A Better Way’ in which Ashton engages with Vincent Van Gogh, Amy Winehouse, Sylvia Plath, and Jonie Mitchell- it’s a trailblazing piece of writing and makes me cry/question life every time I hear it. 

4. Jagged Little Pill (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

So anyone who knows me knows that Jagged Little Pill is my favourite album of all time hands down. Alanis Morissette is a huge reason I became a songwriter and these songs were catharsis to the max during some angsty times. The broadway arrangements add even more delicious anger and drama to the already fiery songs and I live for it. Highlights from the album: You Oughta Know (obvs), Predator, and Forgiven). 

5. Fine Line – Harry Styles

Y’all must be reading this and thinking I’m basic af (and it’s true). I haven’t been a huge fan over the years but the extra flamboyance and androgyny of his musical aesthetic lately tickles me pink. I also think I’ve been spending way too much time on TikTok and Watermelon Sugar High has made for some pretty tasty memory. Sue me but its true. 


MONTANA SHARP – GREENHOUSE  – Official single artwork



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