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‘like i do’ is the latest single from The Millennial Club.

Indie pop and R&B outfit The Millennial Club have a very unique sound as they mix 80’s pop and 90’s R&B somehow! Inspired by many artists such as Coldplay, Bombay Bicycle Club, St. Lucia, and The 1975. The Millennial Club was formed by Andres Owens (singer/guitarist), then added Jared Ortiz (bassist/keyboardist), Jake Stevenson (guitarist/saxophonist) and Tyler Kamei. (drums).

The Millennial Club has just released a new single called ‘like i do’. This single is focused around the emotion of love. The song has been brewing for the past 5 years, so it has been carefully thought over. One feature of this song is Andres amazing smooth vocals. Building on his vocals is the expressive saxophone solo by Jake, that adds another level to the song.

The song’s meaning is one that many will relate with. Building up the courage to discuss your feelings with someone that has been only been your friend. Feelings that have been suppressed for so long, but now can not be denied. Andre states this about the song.

“This song illustrates finally being upfront with someone you really care about and finally letting out your built-up emotions. It is about releasing that honesty into the world and learning to be truthful with someone about how you feel.”

‘Like I do’ is well worth the listen. I promise you!


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