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NEEDSHES release new single ‘ ‘You Make Me Feel’.

Alt rockers NEEDSHES have dropped a new single that has so many great attributes that I loved it right from the start. NEEDSHES was created by one hell of a talented guy Otabek Salamov, a Tashkent-born singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. in 2016 Ivan Petukhov (guitar) and Alexey Manakhov (drums) completed NEEDSHES and created their unique sound.

NEEDSHES have already had plenty of success with their previous singles, in particular their two singles “Unbelievable” and “Superstar” that became the theme music for Lay’s one-year TV Ad campaign in 32 European countries. Listen singles here on SoundCloud. Their latest release ‘You Make Me Feel’ caught my attention as it is a well structured song, catchy music, relatable lyrics but most of all Otabek unique vocal sound. Once I listened a few times ‘You Make Me Feel’ the song has been added to my fav list on Spotify and I feel that you should too! The music video adds to the meaning of the song. Watch this video here, it is well worth it!


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