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Aaron Taos releases new single ‘Loneliness Pt. 11’ with spill tab.

Once again Aaron Taos has dropped a real gem of a new single. ‘Loneliness Pt. 11’ with spill tab is a beautiful duet with a relatable meaning for anyone that suffers from depression. The song is even more poignant in 2020 with our forced lockdowns.

Aaron wrote ‘Loneliness’ during a tough time with depression, in winter when his career was moving slowly. HIs thoughts changed to focus on what he actually had, a relationship that was the foundation of life, not his music. His girlfriend of the time was able to support him and as Aaron states “be a shining light through my dark time, reminding me that as important as your goals are, connection and love is the foundation of feeling good and whole. I do feel that this message is one that we all need to hear right now. I know that I need reminding of this when my emotions spiral out of control.

Adding a female vocalist to ‘Loneliness’ and re- releasing it has added a whole new dimension to the song and packs a firmer punch in regards of getting the emotional meaning of the song across. Aaron heard spill tab on Spotify and loved her vocal sound and was delighted when she agreed to be part of the duet. I adore her vocal sound and it really does make the song the song even better I feel. Take a listen to ‘Loneliness Pt. 11’ here.

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