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NYIKO drops new single called ‘Call the Boy’s’.

American singer, songwriter, record producer, label owner, visual artist, and actor NYIKO has just released a song that is a message to the world based on masculinity. This song, ‘Call the Boy’s’ is to bring awareness to the toxic masculine idea that needs to be changed immediately. NYIKO explores how outdated the views on men are and how they need to be redefined. He states “I believe that much of the violence in our country is a manifestation of internal suffering and insecurity in men. Setting an example of masculinity that champions empathy, self-love, and respect could transform the way our society functions”. NYIKO has made a valid point. I brought my son up so he could express his emotions rather than bottle them up to breed resentment. I really enjoyed listening to ‘Call the Boy’s’ not just for the deep important meaning but also NYIKO’s incredible vocal sound. He is one talented guy! Take a listen to ‘Call the Boy’s’ here. You won’t regret it.

“Call The Boys” is out now via Trailing Twelve and 100% of Bandcamp digital proceeds will be donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters LA.

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