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Ryan Hamilton releases insanely great album ‘Nowhere to go but Everywhere’.

‘Nowhere To Go But Everywhere’ by Ryan Hamilton & The Harlequin Ghosts has just released the best album of 2020! This album was written by Ryan during an across the USA road trip as he came to terms with his divorce. What I love about the album is that the songs are written from his heart, and as Ryan states “a group of songs about heartbreak, and finding yourself.” The songs are catchy, unique and are a pleasure to listen to.

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The follow up to 2019’s ‘This Is The Sound’ (which won an Independent Music Award for ‘Best Indie Album’), ‘Nowhere To Go But Everywhere’ was written by Ryan during a long road trip across the USA with his dog Peaches, while coming to terms with his recent divorce. He filmed the trek, which resulted in ‘Communique’– an inspiring and deeply personal mini-documentary, part 6 and 7 of which debuted this week on Glide Magazine. ‘

A transatlantic collaboration, Ryan hails from just outside of Fort Worth, TX, while his backing band The Harlequin Ghosts are based in the U.K.

What others are saying about ‘Nowhere To Go But Everywhere’:

“…a powerful piece of work…an album of sublime music, which becomes more fulfilling on each listen.”- Big Takeover

“Heartfelt…Enjoy the journey.”- Americana UK

“Hamilton has a knack, no make that a gift, for writing songs that take the most awful things and making them somehow perfect. “Nowhere To Go But Everywhere” is a journey that is joyous, glorious and deeply, deeply personal. ” (10/10)- Maximum Volume Music

“Ryan Hamilton has written a poignant and confessional album that could well be the best of his career.”- RPM Online

“…a near perfect-slice of American(a) radio-rock”-

“…spirit refreshing..”- Original Rock

“Charming lyrics about life’s rich tapestry…Tales of motel rooms and relationships precipitate universal appeal for this mellow collection.” (4/5)- NARC Magazine

“…pure pop and immediately catchy, all jangly guitars and sunny vocals.”- Review Corner

“Hamilton’s music is folk-rock, with elements of country and classic rock and roll also present for good measure. Think Tom Petty mixed with Brian Fallon, and you’re halfway there.”- York Calling

And now, the songs of Nowhere To Go But Everywhere in Ryan’s own words…
Only A Dream
You know when you’re a kid, and you have a really bad dream, then you wake up and have the relief of, “it was only a dream.” This song is a grown-up version of that. Unfortunately when it comes to things like divorce, you can’t wish it away…or wake up. This song is about hoping something isn’t really happening, then dealing with the harsh realization that it is.
Oh No
Super proud of the concept of this song. Flipping all those classic songs on their heads. Plus, I got to sing it with my friend Kay Hanley.Jesus & John LennonDo you ever feel like, no matter what, some things are destined to fall apart? No matter what you do, the end result is the same. This song is about that, and I was thrilled to take the concept, and the song, to the next level, by having the opportunity to co-write it with Stevie Van Zandt.
Out Of My League
This is a song idea that was almost 10 years old. I found the old demo, and it rang true, considering what I was going through. So, I revisited the song, and reworked it into the version that it is now.
Let’s Go Slow
Dating after divorce is terrifying to me. This song is about the fear of dating again, after a relationship ends. There’s SO MUCH to navigate in today’s dating world. I wish things were simpler.
Can I Get An Amen
I was raised in church. We went two times a week to a very conservative Church of Christ. The struggle finding happiness, without all the guilt, is something I still deal with. Drugs, alcohol, sex…these very un-“Christian” things are all a part of my life. Not in a dangerous way. I’m a responsible adult. But sometimes, because it’s engrained in me, I feel like I’m going to Hell.
Don’t Fall Apart
This song is really a pep talk to myself. Sometimes, when things are especially difficult, all you want to do is give up. But you can’t. It’s important to keep it together for your family, and friends…but you have to get to a point where you LOVE YOURSELF enough to want to keep going.
Newcastle Charm
I didn’t even know what a “Geordie” was until I met my ex-wife. Since then, I’ve been fascinated by Geordie women. I love their whole bad-ass attitude. Zero tolerance for bullshit. A tough exterior, but a big heart. Throwing some Geordie slang into the chorus of a new song is something I never thought this Texas boy would do. Haha.
Southern Accents
Possibly my all time favorite Tom Petty song. I was so excited to put this song on the album, and I’m super proud of the version we created. It feels special. I think Tom would like it.
We Gave It Hell
When a relationship ends, you have a choice. You can let it consume you, or you can find a more positive way through it. I think it’s important to realize that sometimes, even though we give it hell, and do our best…it just isn’t going to work out. So, you say goodbye, wish the person well, pick up the pieces, and move on.
Pick Yourself Up
What’s the saying? Every end is a brand new beginning. I got that quote a little wrong, but you get the gist. Having the realization that a marriage ending is only a short chapter, in the book of life, was a BIG moment for me. I’m determined to make the rest of my story a good one.***

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