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Moncrieff releases new single ‘America’.

Moncrieff is an artist I admire and enjoy listening to his unique sounding music. Listening to his satirical take on America this morning, of all mornings when stress is high about the election is up in the air actually is helping my worries. I love how Moncrieff’s new single is catchy and fun sounding yet the lyrics highlight the insanity of some of America’s cultural aspects. So not only do I love Moncrieff’s sound, I really like him taking the opportunity to highlight the absurdity of America right now. Take a listen here, you won’t be disappointed!

Speaking about his EP, Moncrieff says: “I had planned to release my second EP earlier this year but I felt after all the world kind of came to a standstill that maybe I should hold off. Nobody had a clue what was happening and the music didn’t feel fully right for the time. Then I realised these are the times that I had actually always dreamt about writing songs for and being able to make music that had a voice in this bizarre time we’re in.



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