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‘Make It Last’ is the latest track from The Bergamot.

The Bergamot always released relatable music that sounds so damn fine! ‘Make It Last’ deserves to hit the charts running.” Music Injection Aus

I have a soft touch for husband and wife team The Bergamot. I always connect to their songs and their latest single called ‘Make It Last’ is no exception. Climate change is a subject I teach my students passionately and I admire how this song comes from a different place, not a place of blame but rather a thought process of what we can do right now. The music video captures beautiful places that are ruined by waste but also features Nathaniel Hoff and Jillian Speece is a park passionately singing. Lyrics such as;

“I feel like I can start again ….. I’m feeling with my heart again…..There is so much beauty in this world…..Just laying around“….

are really encouraging. Let’s stop the blame and get on with saving this world right now. Check out ‘Make It Last’ here.

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