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Sean Boots releases new single ‘Silver Medal’.

Singer, pianist, guitarist and songwriter Sean Boots has just returned from a hiatus with his new single called ‘Silver Medal’. This gem of a song has a contagious beat and I adore Sean’s vocal sound. With the video demonstrating that Sean is multi instrumentally talented, it was interesting to read in his bio that he has a Billy Joel piano/70’s sound as it is now so clear to me. I loved that era growing up and I find myself singing along to it with gusto. Sean has such passion and energy in his vocal sound it is impossible not to keep listening. Unable to play gigs due to COVID he will be playing online to entertain his fans. Follow his social media below to find out when. I look forward to hearing more of his music and there is a studio album in the works as I type. Check out ‘Silver Medal’ here.

Follow Sean on Social Media.






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