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Matt Badger releases new single ‘The Fold’.

Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Matt Badger has just released a new single called ‘The Fold’. This song is an exploration of someone who is not going very well in life and makes a decision to turn things upside down and accept, and as Matt’s press release states, “embrace an alternate version of reality reflecting the deep-seated feelings of resentment and disenfranchisement towards the “rat-race” mentality that pervades the modern world.” After doing that the person is set free but their behaviour is not accepted by those around him. The music video really makes this meaning clearer. I really like how the music drives the song and supports Matt’s vocals. Matt is one talented artist to write a song with such a deep meaning and yet so entertaining to listen to and watch the video. Take a listen here.

Matt’s debut album comes out November 17th on Jenny Invert Records.

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