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Premiere of LIKE TYE’s debut single ‘BE THAT MAN’.

We are stoked to premiere the debut single of LIKE TYE, Tyler Rivers, and Ty Rome new project. This R&B/POP track called ‘Be That Man’ created in lockdown is a unique sounding track that stays in your mind well after listening. ‘Be That Man’ is a throwback to the early 2000’s chilled out R&B songs.

‘Be That Man’ that does not just sound brilliant, it has a wise meaning as explained here “We wrote this track from the perspective of a person in a relationship where they realise they need to step up before they lose what they have.” A good reminder for those lucky enough to have someone special in their life.

If you love R&B/POP you will love ‘Be That Man’.

Take a listen here and from tomorrow click this link here


Having originally collaborated as two solo artists on their well-received single ‘Better Than My Ex’, the chemistry between Tyler Rivers and Ty Rome was undeniable. It was clear the pair needed to create more together and this led to the birth of LIKE TYE. Fusing sounds from R&B and Pop music, LIKE TYE, have been able to create a unique sound as well as a vibrant and playful brand.

While taking advantage of the pandemic lockdown, the duo spent countless amounts of hours in the studio refining their distinctive style and banking up their catalog. The future for LIKE TYE is inundated with a multitude of releases and creative content.

When asked, if there is one message you hope people can take from your music, what would it be? Ty gives a great answer here.
Ty – To never give up. We had so many moments where we wanted to give up but we used it to push us more and create more for the fans.


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