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Spencer Hendricks releases new single ‘Not By My Side’.

23 year old singer/songwriter Spencer Hendricks had been keen on music since he was very young and started writing his songs at the age of 6! At school Spencer played in many bands and after high school the band he was in broke up but Spencer kept on working hard and used his writing talent for other artists. Now he has released his own single called ‘Not By My Side’. After his band was signed to a management company he had to leave someone behind when he moved to LA. Feeling lonely he decided to write about how he felt. The outcome of this is a beautiful song that is relatable for anyone who has been separated from the one they love. Spencer has a beautiful vocal sound that clearly expresses his sorrow and confusing of leaving. I like the soft music that supports the meaningful lyrics. I look forward to more great songs from Spencer. Take a listen to ‘Not By My Side’ here.

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