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The Satellite Station drops new single ‘Fame’.

The Satellite Station is the handle of talented musician Travis Rue. He has released yet another beautifully sounding relatable single. This song called ‘Fame’ is a great showcase of Travis’ great vocal sound. His songs always have a deep meaning and ‘Fame’ is no exception. ‘Fame’ does really indicate just how Travis is a talented song writer. ‘Fame’, no surprise, is not about how great it is to be famous and rich, it is a reflection on what people have to do in order to become famous. The people that you may have hurt, the potential life that is given up, and perhaps, having the one you love in your life. ‘Fame’ is another solid single from The Satellite Station. When I see this name on my list of submissions I always listen to them first eagerly. Take a listen to ‘Fame’ here.

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