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Max M x Chris Willis share single ‘I’ll Be Up’.

I just heard a brilliant catchy tune that changed my mood instantly to a much better one. I think it is the fast paced music that made me more awake and energetic. This song is called ‘I’ll Be Up’ and it is by Max M featuring Chris Willis. Max M was really into music in his teens, but had another passion, computer science that turned into a career after studying it at uni. However by the age of 40 he wanted to get back into music so he did! Brave move but we must follow our passions in life.

Max M has created a great soundscape for ‘I’ll Be Up’ with many different sounds. I think the one I like the most is the exotic drum pattern that drives the song pace. This music really showcases Chris Willis’ vocal sound. ‘I’ll Be Up’ is a must listen to song and you can do that there.

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