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Ticket 2 Mars releases new single ‘Freedom Over Dollar Signs’.

I love supporting Aussie artists and Ticket 2 Mars sound has made this an easy thing to do today. Ticket 2 Mars is the moniker of Adam Leatherbarrow, a songwriter, performer, Dad and Husband. Adam is from the beautiful Sunshine Coast but was originally from Sydney. Adam loves to play live and has a home studio where the magic happens.

Ticket 2 Mars latest single called ‘Freedom Over Dollar Signs’ is a bit of a mix of genres. it contains elements from many but to name a few according to Adam, 70’s disco, reggae and funk and modern alternative pop. I don’t mind whatever genre it falls into, I love listening to Adam’s vocal sound supported by interesting music. ‘Freedom Over Dollar Signs’ is also the title of Ticket 2 Mars debut album that will have more singles released from it next year. I have to include this piece of info about the album, there is a song where Adam and his 9-year-old daughter Billie Jade perform on. How cute is that! Take a listen to ‘Freedom Over Dollar Signs’ and stay tuned for more songs from Ticket 2 Mars next year.

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