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This Coast Bias drop new single ‘Poison Candy’.

This Coast Bias have just released an interesting soundint track called ‘Poison Candy’. This lo-fi bedroom-pop project is influenced by an eclectic musical diet at a young age and the sound is self described as “vast smorgasbord of poppy hooks, lush walls of synth, and lyrics with a penchant for calling out past girlfriends.” ‘Poison Candy is a mix of genres which makes it a very intereting listen. Vocals are excellent, delivered seemingly effortlessly. These vocals are supported with both synths, bass and a guitar solo around 2.24. This song just does not sound great, it has a meaning that could relate to all of us. We all have bad habits that we can’t stop. from spending money, relationships, drugs etc. Even though we know they are bad for us, it is really hard to walk away.

Take a listen to ‘Poison Candy here.

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