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Keegan Chambers releases new single called ‘Not Waiting’.

When she was 10 years old Keegan Chambers made a wise decision. Choosing between Irish Dancing or private vocal lessons she choose the singing lessons. I say wise as we now have the chance to enjoy her music and vocal sound. Nothing wrong with Irish Dancing of course! Taking a break while other teenage pursuits, then studying at College, Keegan started writing songs and in 2019 releases her debut single ‘Loving You’.

Her latest alt pop rock song ‘Not Waiting’ was written as a ballad and was penned during a time of uncertainty in her life. Frustrated about a relationships future, which is relatable for many, Keegan has written lyrics that are a clear ultimatum. Keegan changed the style up after consultation with producer Daniel Tsourouni and we can listen to the finished song and Keegans beautiful emotive vocals here.

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