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Feren Isles drops new single ‘It Finds Me’.

Keyboardist, songwriter and producer Feren Isles has released a relatable single called ‘It Finds Me’. People who suffer from anxiety, will connect to the expressive lyrics. These lyrics explains the feeling of anxiety and how it does not matter that all is well, anxiety still finds him. This is exactly how anxiety works and for those that don’t suffer should really listen closely to ‘It Finds Me’ to capture an insight into the unpredictable feelings of anxiety.

In 2021 Feren Isles will be releasing his debut album also titles ‘It Finds Me’. The theme of this album, is as the title expresses, anxiety, but also will explore relationships and self worth. These songs will give the listener a insight into Feren’s life journey. Feren is also going to donate profits from this album to Anxiety Canada, to assist others who also suffer from mental health issues. Check out ‘It Finds Me’ here.

ferenisles bandcamp instagram 

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