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Leebo Freeman drops single ‘Technicolour Chandelier’.

Leebo Freeman is inspired by the best eras of music, the 70’s and 80’s. His sound is a unique listening experience. His latest single ‘Technicolour Chandelier’ is classified as Indie electro Chill wave pop, you can see and hear the cross of genres. I adore the slow pace of the song but it is still a catchy tune. ‘Technicolour Chandelier’ was written, performed and produced in this home studio, when he was straight out of bed.
Leebo Freeman has a goal to release music that expresses the warmth and soul of retro music and ‘Technicolour Chandelier’ is certainly that. Being a teen in the 80’s I can picture myself in my room listening to this single on my well used turntable.

Lyrically Leebo is talking to himself, yet the lyrics are so relatable to all of us that have experienced a toxic relationship. When I say he is talking to himself I mean that he is encouraging himself to get out of the relationship and start a new life. I think that is why the lyrics are so real and relatable. Many of us in toxic relationships maybe going through it with their voice quashed so listening to ‘Technicolour Chandelier’ will help. Take a listen here.

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