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Sophie and the Giants drop single ‘Right Now’.

UK based electric pop band, Sophie and the Giants have just released an incredible potential hit called ‘Right Now’. This empowering and emotional motivating stands out from the crowd due to it’s amazing energetic music that really makes me want to get up and dance, not just dance but a forceful, passionate dance knowing that the future is brighter.

Vocalist Sophie states “’Right Now’ is a song about the frustration we’re all feeling, about how we want to be let loose upon the world again. We hope wherever people are this will give them the feeling, if only for a moment, that anything is possible again”.

We have all had a terrible time over the last year due to COVID 19 and we need a positive song to change our mood and feel that anything is possible. ‘Right Now’ is that song. Sophie has an insanely strong and catchy vocal sound that drives the song and brings out those positive feels. Take a listen to ‘Right Now’ ah… no pun intended….but listen to it right now.

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