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Sofi Gev releases new single called ‘Bloom’.

Singer/Songwriter Indie pop artist Hannah Lovelady has a solo project called called Sofi Gev. As soon as I saw this name on my submissions I knew I would like the new song. Well, I loved it. Hannah’s vocals are incredible. Her youth was full of musical joys, such as her dad singing Joni Mitchell at night to making up silly songs with her sister on road trips.

Sofi Gev’s new single ‘Bloom’ was written out of feeling of shame that she was not doing enough with her life. With bad habits holding her back Sofi’s cleverly written explain exactly what the song is about. With Hannah’s amazing vocal sound, the emotions in them really make this song relatable to anyone that wants to look to the future and forgive the past anxieties. As Sofi Gev sings “Give me permission to forgive myself, Give me direction to start again, tell me it isn’t too late to Bloom” are just an example of the brilliant writing talent, I mean check out the first two lines! “Bloom’ is well worth the listen, you are do that here.

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