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Nathaniel Paul releases emotional single ‘Guns or Crosses’.

Nathaniel Paul is one of the best songwriters of our time right now. His honest lyrics really bring forth emotions, both good or bad. In his latest single ‘Guns or Crosses’ is is pretty clear what message he is portraying. The line, “Why sell a man a gun when you can give him a hand‘ stood out to me, when considering in the US the gun issue is worse than ever. From an outsider looking at the US, I don’t understand why this issue has got so out of hand. Makes me feel fortunate to be an Australian. Nathaniel really does have an amazing creative mind to write songs like ‘Guns or Crosses’ that are not only great to listen to but are so meaningful that they have a chance to change some minds about this issue. Take a listen to ‘Guns or Crosses’ here.

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