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Deeder releases new single ‘Like a Desert’.

Deeder is a solo project by Robert Nord (independent musician, singer-songwriter, and producer from Karlstad in Sweden) I reviewed his single ‘Make The World’ “I must say that I don’t mind what genre ‘Make The World’ is classified in, I think it is bold, full of life and passion.” – MUSIC INJECTION. 

This pop/rock/Alt rocker writes and producers all his own music in his home studio so he is free to work on discovering his own unique sound. Deeder has stated that he wants to create music that “represents life, with a purpose to inspire creativity and motivation. Robert has used his skills to write ‘Like A Desert’ that encourages you to find who you are. His own suffering of depression and mental difficulties was the inspiration behind the song and He wants to share this one with the world. I think his unique sounding vocals add value to the song and it is an easy song to listen to.

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– Music and lyrics by Deeder

– All Instruments and vocals recorded by Deeder

– Guest vocals from Jorunn. 

– Mixing by Deeder

– Mastering by Machine

 – Photo by Marina Marison

 – “Deeder Logo” by Herman Der Nederlanden

 – Cover art by Deeder

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