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Enigmatic lo-fi master KIT HEPBURN has released a hazy new single left alone, an entirely self-produced track that draws upon ambient soundscapes and R&B elements, and feels particularly representative of the shutdown the world experienced in 2020 due to COVID-19, out now.  The dark, brooding song is accompanied by an appropriately moody video clip, made in collaboration with filmmaker Lucas Haynes.

left alone really does feel like an auditory response to the isolation and loneliness experienced by millions during the coronavirus lockdowns across the globe.  Gentle electric piano and dreamy beats push this song forward with slow assertion, as KIT HEPBURN’s voice floats dreamily amongst the atmosphere.  Exploring heartache and the desire for closeness whilst feeling adrift in a relationship, Kit Hepburn offers insights into the inspiration behind the song, saying, “I was living on my own during lockdown, which was a blessing in some ways and a curse in others.  I wasn’t able to see any friends or work, so I’d just spend my nights driving around real late.  There’s something about driving around late at night on empty roads that feels otherworldly, particularly at that time.  I think that feeling is in the song for sure…this song is an expression of wanting closeness, but also having walls up.”

That eerie feeling of driving around late at night on empty streets is perfectly conveyed in the film clip for left alone.  The video feels a little trippy, but scenes of night-driving and streetlights are identifiable – it’s like a visual reflection of the uneasiness of this act.  Driving around late at night can often make one feel as though they’re the last person on earth – and this video captures that brilliantly, as KIT HEPBURN reflects, “We wanted to capture that feeling of being lost at night on the road.  So Lucas, myself and the crew jumped into a bright green convertible and started driving around real late, getting footage on an old VHS camera.  It was very in the moment, but I think we captured something special.”

The self-sufficient artist, originally from regional Victoria but currently based in Melbourne, wrote, produced, mixed and mastered left alone entirely by himself during Melbourne’s extended lockdown, as he says, “It feels so good to be releasing left alone.  I was obsessed with getting this song just right, so it feels good to be finally sharing it with the world and getting it out of my bedroom.”

Top 5 Best tips on maintaining sanity through a lockdown

1. Good tunes in the house, always – just because it’s lockdown doesn’t   mean you can’t have an iso party in your living room

2. Stay mindful – sometimes lockdown can be draining – groundhog day feels abound. In times of uncertainty, it helps to take time to enjoy the little things and discover the magic around you. 

3. Do things you love – I used lockdown to record a boatload of music – as boring as things can get, it can be awesome to stay up all night and keep the creative juices flowing. Lockdown is a strange thing to experience, why not channel those feelings in that project you’ve always been thinking about putting together. 

4. Teleparty (FKA Netflix Party) – it’s a browser extension for Google Chrome that allows you to watch Netflix and chat with friends at the same time – it’s free and always a good time! Binge responsibly. 

5. Zoom laughs and drinks – The hours I’ve spent during lockdown talking with friends on zoom about a mix between alien conspiracies, lockdown tinder encounters and the existential angst that living in a bubble has definitely kept me sane, and allowed me to maintain as well as grow friendships during iso. Plus who doesn’t love a game of virtual pub trivia? 


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