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Jen interviews Jay from Golding, discussing new single “Boxing Underwater feat Cailin Russo”.

Golding is Jay Bainbridge and Matt Bartlem.

Indie electronic duo, Golding from the Gold Coast have just released a new single called Boxing Underwater feat. Cailin Russo. Boxing Underwater explores if the force that drew too people together actually exists when the couple are sober. This song is catchy, yet with a touch of sadness. Jay and Cailin’s vocals match perfectly. Jay has this to say to me about how Golding reached out to Cailin.

Like we just literally sent her a Instagram DM with the track and just said, Hey, like we don’t know each other. We just really admire your voice and think that you would fit really well on this track. I will listen if you’re interested in spark and she, yeah, she did. Yeah. Very lucky as that that rarely happens.

When we were discussing Jay writing Boxing Underwater with co- writer Jared James (Klapper) Jay explained about Jared:

 “Yeah, he was a real big inspiration for me. I mean, at the time I was writing a lot of pop punk pattern style music, you know, he would be in the studio next to me and we’d go out for lunch and stuff and I’d walk, I’d go into his room in the sense of what he was doing and like a recorder, you know, with some reverb on it, playing some weird, cool line on the song and like a snare drum with his jacket over the top of it playing. I was watching him and it just felt like there was no rules. And I was just like, this room is more fun than my room right now. Like I felt like when I writing pop rock or pop punk stuff, I had, you know, four or five elements that I kind of had to stick to. He really, really opened my eyes to just different ways of writing music. And he kind of always just enforced in me, you know, in a really gentle way that there’s just no rules and that you shouldn’t put boundaries on what instruments you play or whatever it is that you do on stage. He’s like just do it and make it so cool because that’s what we’re doing.

Check out Boxing Underwater here and the rest of the interview below.

Jay and I had a catch-up chat as I interviewed him around 10 years ago when he was in Nine Sons of Dan and we had a discussion about how we are struggling during Lockdown in our respective states.

Jen- Are you still living in the Gold Coast?

Jay- I am. Yeah. So, we’ve actually been pretty lucky with lockdowns and stuff. It hasn’t been too bad still in the Goldie and you’re still in Melbourne, right?

Jen – Yeah. Still way out of Melbourne. Yeah I’m in lockdown. I’m on a big property and so I can get out and walk and you know, it’s not too bad. It’s just the remote teaching. That’s it’s just tough.

Jay -Yeah. I think everyone has found at some point struggles through it. Like I’m also performing at the moment in Boo Secca. I play live with Ben along during those shows. And we’ve had so many, so many cancellations, like all of our shows, it’s just heartbreaking.

Jen – I miss going to gigs, but I can’t imagine how yeah. How it feels for you guys having to cancel.

It’s, it’s the same thing. Like obviously it’s like a financial thing as well for us, but at the same time, it’s exactly the way that you miss it as is the way that we miss it. Like I just miss that energy and being with people and that feeling of a show.

You are working with Matt Bartlett now. How, how did that come about?

Well, funnily enough, that was back from the Nine Sons of Dan days. We won a band competition in 2090 and he was one of the judges. So I met him after that competition. We did a single. I think it was She’s so Fine’. And we, we did a single with him and actually it was like the movie Stepbrothers, we literally became best friends. Like it was so funny. We have been making music kind of ever since like, even through Nine Sons of Dan, I was doing kind of like little sidetracks with him and, and kind of working in the studio with him because he owned a studio on the Gold Coast. So, we’ve just been friends for like nearly like 15 years or something like that. And then the last, like maybe four years, we started to put out some music together just to kind of see if people would like it and people really loved it. So, we were like are we going to take this seriously? Honestly, like the last two years we have taken it seriously. But before that it was kind of just an experiment.

I was listening to Alone, Together and I’m thinking how relevant that is today. I certainly am drinking too much in Lockdown. Maybe I should not include this in the interview!

That’s okay. You can put that in as probably everyone would relate the way that that happened was such an organic situation. Like literally it was the beginning of like all the lockdowns it was early in Civid and my wife literally just lost her job. We were sitting there drinking wine and at night I usually play her like beats and music that I make during the day when we were like cooking dinner and I was trying to cheer her up. And literally I sang the first, like the first part of that track from start to finish tour and she just looked at me and was like, you should go record that. And it was just, just exactly like spitting out what’s happening, you know? Yeah. It’s, it’s relevant more than ever right now.

It really highlighted to me, like, I’m so lucky I’ve got my husband and I he’s also my best friend and yeah. But I’ve got friends who are doing it or even single parents doing it alone. So, it kind of made me feel very, very lucky.

Yeah. I mean, it’s just, it’s just the way that you look at situations, like I’ve been bummed at points during this period. I think like we all have, but when you break it down and it sounds like your situation is kind of like that too. Like I I’m, I’m lucky I live in a lovely house. Like during summer we have a pool and there’s a lot of activities that we can do at our house, just with us. It’s forced us to kind of just lock into each other and, you know, with having a two-year-old as well. We’re just kind of very immersed in that world. I do feel for people that are on their own, um, and that’s awful, it would be. So I can’t imagine how that would feel, but for the people that do have someone it’s kind of like, you know, we can be alone, in this together.

That’s right. That’s a good title for a song. (both laughing)

Yes, that is exactly what I thought!

So, your new single ‘Boxing Underwater’ is one of the top songs of this year.  I just cannot get it out of my head. I mean, in a good way. Not like in a bad way, but yeah, I am humming it all the time. No matter what I’m doing, it’s still in my head. And I first heard it, like when they sent me the press release, a few days before it came out. A long time. Yeah, I just, I love the interesting question that it raises that, you know, if the force that drew two people together still exist when they’re sober. I just, yeah. I thought back to my youth and there was one the boyfriend that I thought, no, I wouldn’t have kept with him if, you know, we didn’t go out drinking.

Absolutely. It’s such a relevant question for, I think a lot of people to answer and a lot of my friends like close friend’s relationships, and that’s kind of where it’s spurred off of. Um, you know, I can see it, you know, like they numb, they numb or, or cover up the problems with drinking or smoking or whatever it is that you’re doing. And, and even in my relationship, there was a point I’ve been with my wife since I was 16 years old. So, for a long time, there were points, you know, like for me, like, even like smoking weed is like a, when we were going through bad times, I would do that and it would just numb the problem, but it will, it wouldn’t fix it, you know? And then that’s kind of where that whole song kind of came from. And so, something I’ve always thought about, you know, um, even through my teenage years, it’s like we have these, I don’t call them poisons, but things that we rely on to kind of escape our situations and sometimes it’s worth having, but other times I think like in serious relationships, it can be, a mistake that a lot of people make. So yeah.

True. I like, um, how the meaning can be interpreted in different ways. Like my dad actually used to say that life is just as tough as boxing underwater. And when I heard that the title of a song, I’m like, oh, okay. I know that saying. So, I kind of figured that he was talking about that we need the strength of, you know, what we need to get on in life and work at things only if they’re really worth it. So, I can hear that in the song, even though it’s not the actual intended meaning.

For sure. That’s definitely done on purpose too. Like in the last, I guess in this project, not so much Nine Sons, I really enjoy writing like lyrically, trying to keep the door open for people to kind of find their own meanings and being a little more strategic and, and vague in some ways just to, just to allow people to like find their own meetings and wanted to do that because I do that with other songs, you know, I find out songs are about a certain thing and I’m like, what? So I was like, that doesn’t mean that to me, it means a bit, um, I feel like that in itself is an art form that I didn’t really know how to do as a young songwriter, but I’m starting to get better at it now. So, I hearing you say that really, I really appreciate that.

So you’ve wrote it with, Jared Klepper. (Jared James) How did that come about?

 I reckon Kailin was born to sing that song. Her voice just goes so well with your voice and the music.

It does. And I’ve been a fan of hers for years. I don’t know if you know about her, father, Scott Russo is the singer of Unwritten Law. You would know that band.

Yeah, I didn’t connect that.

Yeah. I was a fan of Unwritten Law for years and years for through him. I saw that she did music and I was like, wow, like I’ve always just admired her and just thought that she had such a crazy voice. I like didn’t, know her as well. Like we just literally sent her a Instagram DM with the track and just said, Hey, like we don’t know each other. We just really admire your voice and think that you would fit really well on this track. I will listen if you’re interested in spark and she, yeah, she did. Yeah. Very lucky that that rarely happens. People usually just kind of blow you off, but she’s amazing. And she was like born for it.

Definitely. Um, so yeah, we’ll have to mention the music video, cause like I know that they’re real couple, but just the emotions and the chemistry between them is just so apparent.

It’s crazy! I have to get all the credit on that to Nick. (Nicholas Stevens of Fastback Studios) He’s the director for the clip. We reached out to Nick because I saw he did an ad, it might’ve been a watch company or something and it had a couple and the chemistry was so unbelievable that I was just like, I ended it, it was shot so well was like, whoever this guy is, I want him to do this clip because I knew what I was looking for. And we went had coffee with him. And I asked him, I was like, so how, how did you get that? You know, the, to look so intense and intertwined and sort of real. And he goes, cause they’re a real couple. And I was like, oh cool. So, you know, from that point he just reached out to this couple that he knew that, you know, obviously look beautiful on camera and shot it all. And it just, it was the first time I’ve ever had a film clip where I had no tweaks, like even from our performance shots and everything like that. He, he just he cut it together. I didn’t do one edit. I was just like, I just was like, dude, that’s perfect. You’re incredible.

Wow, that does not happen every day.

Right. It’s usually like the longest process is usually the back of the two, but yeah, she just nailed it straight away. So it was crazy.

Yeah. Actually, my next question was, how was it making the different other video when you’re all living in different places, but it seems that it was seamless.

Yeah. We just got, I think Nick out of connection in LA and he got a guy just to kind of shoot Katelyn’s performance and just kind of gave him just a directive, like, you know, shoot it on just like a white background. And Caitlin is just obviously seamlessly, like cool and has so much swagger. So that was just, I think she did, he did that whole thing in like three takes. She just sang the song start to finish. The director was like, yeah!

This is where I usually promote a tour, but have you any plans?

Well, I’m not sure if it’s going to go ahead but we are going to be going on tour with Boo Secca, I’m obviously doing it so, I’ll be there anyway. It’s going to be a cool tour. I think it’s through October and September. Keep up to date with Boo Secca’s news here

I hope it does go ahead for you. Great to catch up with you again Jay.

Yeah, I can’t believe that. I was kind of wondering when this would happen. Like when, someone that I’ve known from Nine Sons, would interview me. It’s not the first time that’s happened. I think there was one other radio interviewer. I think her name was Carly was like, do you remember? We chatted like, like somebody not years ago, something crazy. Yeah. It’s wild. I can’t believe that we got a chance to run into each other.

Yeah, I have changed what I do, instead of working for someone else I went my own way and it has gone insane! My team and I work hard at what we do and love it.

Yeah, because you do what you’re passionate, you love it so much. And even like, I remember back then, just even just chat to you, it’s when people do stuff that they are passionate or it really just is so obvious, like it knew that your work is good because it’s like you, you can really relate to artists and to the experience. And I hope that there’ll be a chance where we can see each other in person again, maybe at a show or something like that. Celebrate being at the show together.

Jay, Thanks a lot for your time today.

Thanks Jen.

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