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The Birthday Party have long been recognized as one of music’s most creative and inspiring alternative acts.

The band launched frontman Nick Cave on the world stage and produced some of the most intense and highly regarded music of the era.

‘Pleasure Heads Must Burn is the first DVD release to feature the band, and includes some extremely rare promos, TV appearances and selections from two live gigs capturing The Birthday Party in full flight.

2021 sees the release of a totally remastered DVD of these classic performances by Nick Cave and The Birthday Party. The footage is raw, because it was filmed on very primitive equipment under very difficult circumstances, as the footage will show. This is in fact the 40th anniversary of these performances, which started on February 2, 1981, in Melbourne.

Track 1 is a promo video shot by Evan English & Paul Goldman (a.k.a. The Rich Kids) (edited by John Hillcoat) in Melbourne-Camberwell on 2-Feb-81, tracks 2-3 recorded live at The Ace Cinema in Brixton on 25-Nov-82, track 4 recorded live at the Trade Union Club in Sydney on 14-May-83, track 5 recorded at VPRO TV studios for “Götterdämmerung 2000” TV show in Jul-1982, tracks 6-11 recorded live at The Haçienda in Manchester on 22-Jul-82 and tracks 12-18 recorded live at The Haçienda in Manchester on 24-Feb-83.


  1. “Nick the Stripper”
  2. “Fears Of Gun/”
  3. “Hamlet (Pow!Pow!Pow!)”
  4. “Deep In The Woods”
  5. “Junkyard”
  6. “Dead Joe”
  7. “A Dead Song”
  8. “Junkyard”
  9. “Release The Bats”
  10. “(Sometimes) Pleasure Heads Must Burn”
  11. “Big Jesus Trash Can”
  12. “Hamlet (Pow!Pow!Pow!)”
  13. “Pleasure Avalanche”
  14. “Six Inch Gold Blade”
  15. “Wild World”
  16. “The Six Strings That Drew Blood”
  17. “Sonny’s Burning”
  18. “She’s Hit”


‘Pleasure Heads Must Burn’ (Remastered) DVD is available now

MEDIA CONTACT; Michael Matthews Media


M: 0418 536 637

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