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BLIGH drops new single ‘Toy Soldiers’.

Indie rockers BLIGH from the Gold Coast (Australia) have found local success with their previous singles, including top 10 charting songs on Triple J Unearthed. Their latest release is a little different from their previous catchy songs, as they have put effort into their authenticity as a band. Their latest single ‘Toy Soldiers’ is the first song that they have self-produced in their garage studio. ‘Toy Soldiers’ is about how the media glorifies war which I hate. In fact, I am not a fan of the media full stop. BLIGH echoes my thoughts on the impact the media can have on someone, the propaganda they spin, who possibly joins the army and goes off to fight someone else’s war. It is sad. I really like the way that BLIGH has kept the tone of the vocals and music low and not too varied as it adds to the message. Take a listen to ‘Toy Soldiers’ here.

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